Línies de recerca

  • Group of neuroprotection and neuronal plasticity in basal ganglia disorders

    Directed by Dr. Jordi Alberch

    • Implication of neurotrophic factors and their receptors in the pathophysiology of basal ganglia disorders
    • The study of the mechanisms that modulate connectivity and neuronal network dynamics in the basal ganglia by optogenetics and optopharmacology manipulation
    • Development of molecules that modulate neuronal plasticity in the basal ganglia for treatment in movement disorders
  • Group of neurodegeneration and cognitive dysfunction in Huntington’s disease

    Directed by Dr. Silvia Ginés

    • To understand the differences underlying the mechanisms regulating mitochondrial dynamics within astrocytes and neurons to design new targets for pharmacological manipulation of mitochondrial disturbances in HD striatal neurons
    • To evaluate the involvement of Cdk5 in the development and prevalence of depression in HD and to validate Cdk5 as a biomarkers and target to treat depression symptoms
    • To investigate whether mutant huntingtin expression induces epigenetic modifications changes that contribute to memory and learning deficits in HD
    • To investigate miRNAs alterations as biomarkers of disease progression in peripheral tissue (fibroblats, CSF…)
  • Group of kinases and phosphatases in neuronal function and dysfunction

    Directed by Dr. Esther Pérez-Navarro

    • To study the role of lamin B1 in the regulation of gene expression in hippocampal cells
    • To evaluate alterations in nuclear lamina and their involvement in the pathophysiology of Huntington’s disease
    • To analyze whether altered translation contributes to motor and cognitve deficits in Huntington’s disease
    • To study the contribution of small RNAs to Huntington’s disease pathogenesis
  • Group of stem cells and regenerative medicine

    Directed by Dr. Josep M Canals

    • To study the mechanisms underlying the differentiation of stem cells into specific neuronal populations for cell-based therapies in neurodegenerative disorders
    • Characterization of extrinsic factors and new transcription factors of human and mouse brain development for application in stem cell differentiation
    • Development of therapeutic approaches with mesenchimal stem cells to striatal neurons using gene therapy ex vivo