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Can Dry Eye syndrome be cured?

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic disease and, as a result, it does not have a definitive cure. However, adequate treatment enables it to be controlled, achieving a reduction or absence of symptoms in the majority of cases.

Can dry eye syndrome lead to serious eye complications?

Dry eye syndrome may present uncomfortable symptoms such as a burning sensation, a sensation of fine sand, as well as blurred vision. In some more advanced cases there could be lesions in the cornea and filaments that stick to it that increase the discomfort even more. These lesions (filamentary keratitis), although they are uncommon, may be infected. All of this can be prevented with suitable treatment.

Can there be weeping with dry eye syndrome?

Yes. Dry eye syndrome has an inflammatory basis. This inflammation can cause tear over-production due to irritation. On being a tear with inflammatory factors and of poor quality, it leads to a vicious circle that is not re-established while it is untreated.

Since I started with the menopause I have begun to have eye discomforts that I did not have before—Could it be dry eye syndrome?

Yes. Dry eye syndrome can appear due to hormonal changes like those produced in the menopause. the surfaces of the cornea and the conjunctiva have sex hormone receptors. When these hormones decrease, there can be a reduction in the production of the components of the tear.

Do all dry eye syndromes require the same treatment?

No. It depends whether the reduction of tear production (aqueous deficient) or their evaporation (evaporative) predominates. Furthermore, it depends on the level of severity (0-4); when it is more severe there is a greater need for different treatments.

Are there other options if I don’t tolerate a treatment for dry eye syndrome?

Yes. Nowadays, the treatment has improved a lot, and new drugs that are now available on the Spanish market have been incorporated. If one of them is not tolerated, there are other replacement options.

Will there be therapeutic options in the future for dry eye syndrome?

Yes. We are currently performing clinical trials on new medications that, if their effectiveness and absence of complications is demonstrated, they will appear on the market in the near future.

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Maria Teresa Sáinz de la Maza Sierra

Published: 23 May 2019
Updated: 23 May 2019

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